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This directory of glass factories and furnaces lists the foundries located on the island of Murano.

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Glass Foundries on Murano

Abate Zanetti
Abate Zanetti is a furnace in a traditional Murano industrial building which produces custom glassworks and lighting. It also runs its own glassmaking academy on the premises with a wide range of courses.
Abate Zanetti, Murano
Antichi Angeli
Antichi Angeli is run by the three brothers Collizzi, who follow in the footsteps of their father. The furnace concentrates on glasswork reproductions of antique vases and lamps and lanterns finished with traditional techniques.
Antichi Angeli, Murano
Ars Murano
Ars Murano was founded in the 1980s by three glass masters. As well as artistic sculptures, the furnace has also specialised in reviving the historic art of aquariums.
Ars Murano
Barovier & Toso ®
The Barovier family can trace their glassmaking heritage back to the 13th century. The company, which fused with the Toso family, specialises in chandeliers and traditional drinking vessels, as well as glass art.
Barovier & Toso, Murano
Berengo Studio
Berengo Studio was founded to showcase the work of Venetian glass masters and artists. The company operates its own studio to translate the ideas of contemporary art into three-dimensional glass sculptures.
Berengo Fine Arts,  Murano
Gino Cenedese e Figlio
The Cenedese family concentrates on decorative tableware and lamps as well as chandeliers and objets d'arts. Filigree work is also a speciality.
Gino Cenedese e Figlio, Murano
Vetreria Artistica Colleoni
Allesandro Barbaro and Luigi Moro collaborate in designs in a modern style, classic reinterpretations and figurative creations of animals and heads.
Vetreria Artistica Colleoni,  Murano
De Biasi
Andrea and Cristiano De Biasi produce objets d'art including different types of jewellery, plates and pendants.
Virgilio De Biasi, Murano
Ferro Murano offers a wide range of glass products, with tableware, furnishings, vases and bowls, along with a more modern design subsidiary marketed under the name of Yalos.
Ferro,  Murano
Formia Glass
Formia was created in 1962 by two master glassmakers, Formentello and Mian. Formia has a varied range with figurative pieces of animals and humans, vases and bowls.
Formia Glass, Murano

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