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This directory of glass factories and furnaces lists the specialist Murano glass manufacturers who concentrate on particular aspects of glassmaking.

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Murano Glass Lighting

Galliano Ferro
Founded in 1955 and specialising in glass lighting with wall lamps and chandeliers. Design reproductions range from Renaissance to Twenties.
Galliano Ferro, Murano
Luigi Fornasier founded the company in 1968, producing chandeliers, wall lamps and table lamps. Fornasier also specialises in restoration work for historic pieces.
Fornasier, Murano
Seguso Gianni
Gianni Seguso attained the sought-after qualification of glass master at the age of 18 and has since created his own company producing his range of chandeliers, lamps and vases.
Gianni Seguso, Murano

Murano Glass Beads

Ercole Moretti
Founded in 1911 by three brothers, Ercole Moretti's speciality is the production of Venetian glass beads and pearls. Nowadays the company also concentrates on pendants and tableware made with traditional murrine techniques.
Ercole Moretti, Murano
Idee in Vetro
Maurizio Lotter runs Idee in Vetro which offers more than 3000 different kinds of Venetian bead designs handmade by master bead makers.
Idee in Vetro, Murano
La Perla Veneziana
Renata and Georgia Ferrari continue the Venetian tradition of glass bead-making in traditional styles, such as murrino and filigrano.
La Perla Veneziana, Murano
Vianello produces an extensive range of glass beads in different styles, as well as various lines of jewellery and tableware.
Vianello, Murano

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